Build with StellaSwap; Access Deep Polkadot Liquidity with our EVM-SDK

2 min readApr 4, 2024


We’re excited to launch the public release of StellaSwap’s Development Kit (SDK 😉), a tool that allows developers & projects to interact with StellaSwap’s DEX and access our deep-liquidity. As the most-used DEX on Polkadot, we’re proud to be the schelling point of native assets and users wanting to trade & stake in a familiar EVM-environment.

Overview of our SDK

Our public SDK provides functionality for integrating swaps on Moonbeam into any app or plugin. Moonbeam is the leading EVM parachain in Polkadot, and therefore taps on the best of Polkadot’s security and Ethereum’s convenience.

Developers and projects can integrate our our DEX for various applications that leverages on our liquidity. Our SDK features a range of useful documentation and APRs that entails technical specifications and code samples.

The features of our SDK include;

  • The usage of our state-of-the-art Hybrid Router
  • Utilization of our Stable, V2, V3 AMMs
  • Error Handling

Access to our SDK: 👉

Do reach us on our Discord for any questions, comments & questions!

About StellaSwap

StellaSwap is a hybrid DEX that features a standard, stable and concentrated liquidity AMM to facilitate the most optimal price discovery for assets on Moonbeam. As the largest DEX and an integrated DeFi gateway, users can access the ecosystem with ease through our native bridge, swap-for-gas feature, as well as various DeFi opportunities in a click of a button.

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