Ecosystem Restart: Farms Relaunch Dates with Boosted Liquidity Incentives

Overview of the Path Forward

  1. Key Objective: Establishing baseline liquidity of strategic assets
  2. Strategic Bridge: Wormhole
  3. Liquidity Incentives: 7.8M GLMR + 4.6M STELLA (Across 24 weeks)

Relaunch Dates for Strategic Farms with Liquidity Incentives

  • .wh suffix refers to Wormhole-wrapped assets. StellaSwap will be relaunching our native bridge with Wormhole bridge across Ethereum and BNB chain, to facilitate easier bridging for users
  • Emissions for DOT — GLMR farm, which is currently an active farm, would see an increase in emissions as per the emissions schedule established on our recently-passed proposal
  • The rationale for turning on the rewards tap at a (minimum) of 24 hrs cadence is to foster initial liquidity first, so that slippage will not be crazy for traders. Also, this allows ZAP to be functional with a base level of market depth
  • Welcome, BUSD! We’ve decided to drop DAI from our basepool and replace it with BUSD, the 3rd largest stablecoin in crypto. This is predicated on its popularity as the medium for Binance, one of the largest CEX around, as well as for strategic reasons to foster greater listing potential for Moonbeam projects on Binance.
  • All hail native USDT 💥 Yes, you read that right. Native USDT will be featured on our basepool. No bridge risk, no sleepless nights.
  • USDC.axl metapool would be launched nearing to the date of Squid launch, which is expected to be at the end of October — early November. Once a date is finalized we will publish the date for farm launch and subsequent steps

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