Introducing Swap-for-Gas: Gasless Feature for Getting Gas After Bridging

What is the problem we’re solving?

  • Use StellaSwap’s Faucet to get free GLMR: To get free GLMR to get you started for the first transaction, you can use Faucet to get a little bit of GLMR. It’s free, but it is a manual affair and can be intimidating for new users.
  • Beg for GLMR in the Community: If you’re rushing and require GLMR asap, you may resort to asking the community for free GLMR. Some kind-hearted souls may help, but many would be out to scam you too.
  • Transfer GLMR from Centralized Exchanges: This assumes that you already have existing GLMR sitting on Binance or any other centralized exchanges. If not, then setting everything up would take time.

Introducing Swap-For-Gas: Finally, no need for Gas!

Supported Coins to Begin

  • BUSD
  • AVAX
  • WBTC
  • FTM

What about any other coins?

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