Introducing xSTELLA: Auto-Compounding, Single-Asset Staking to Maximize Yields and Value-Accrual

Why the Transition Towards xSTELLA is Important

  • Recurring buybacks creates continual demand for $STELLA, resulting in strong price sustainability.
  • xSTELLA rewards is based on trade volume revenue rather than purely emissions; this will alleviate inflation and sell pressure.
  • Convenience; users can ‘set and forget’ while earning more $STELLA, basically auto-compounding your rewards.
  • xSTELLA will be the core medium for access to StellaSwap ecosystem like earning project partner tokens, earning boosted APRs on farms, exclusive access to IDO Launchpad, NFT minting etc.
  • xSTELLA enables composability, which means it can be used as an underlying asset in various DeFi protocols that will ultimately strengthen $STELLA utility.
  • First step towards Governance; in the future, holders of xSTELLA would be able to vote on major decisions.

What is xSTELLA?

  • Launch on March 7, while Vaults feature will be retired (detailed transition plan to be announced in the next 48 hours)
  • Single-staking of $STELLA that will generate xSTELLA, which is a yield-bearing token that represents user’s share of the pool.
  • In the long-run, xSTELLA holder’s share of the underlying $STELLA will always grow, since 0.05% of fees for every swap will be used to buyback $STELLA and distributed to xSTELLA holders.
  • No impermanent loss since users need only to stake $STELLA to get xSTELLA
  • No timelock; users are free to unstake anytime

How it Works

What it Will Look Like

Use Cases for xSTELLA

Launching of Tri-Rewards Pool

Next Steps


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