Relaunch of Native Bridge: Simplest Way to Bridge Wormhole Tokens on Moonbeam

Start bridging now: StellaSwap Bridge

Simplifying Wormhole Bridge to Maximize UX

  • Automatic Token Whitelisting: Ensures that you’re bridging in the correct version of the token that our farms support
  • Lesser Steps: We’ve radically reduced the number of steps and action required for the bridging process, so you only need to input what matters. This means lesser clicks you need to do!
  • No Jumping Between Networks: We’ve abstracted the bridging process so you don’t have to constantly jump in between networks for the bridging process, whilst maintaining infra security

Wormhole Asset Support

  1. USDC.wh — GLMR
  2. DOT.xc — GLMR
  3. ETH.wh — GLMR
  4. WBTC.wh — GLMR
  5. 4Pool (USDC.wh + BUSD.wh + FRAX + USDt native)
  • Wormhole(wh)-wrapped USDC, ETH, WBTC from Ethereum network
  • Wormhole(wh)-wrapped BUSD from BNB Chain

Start Staking to Earn Ecosystem Mining Rewards!

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