StellaSwap announces First Ambassador for the French Community 🇫🇷

2 min readFeb 20, 2023


Join our French Masterclass Now.

To meet rapid growth of its community, StellaSwap is excited to announce “Belchatsar” with the discord username “Belchatsar#4239” as our First Lead Ambassador! Félicitations et bienvenue!

The Ambassador Program is designed to provide support towards community development, contribute ideas to product roadmap, drive education of the benefits and possibilities of DeFi, and overall to promote the use of StellaSwap for French speaking markets.

Lead Ambassadors will be responsible for managing a small team of Junior Ambassadors, who will focus efforts across functional roles from Marketing, Community Support, Business Development, Product, and Engineering. Ambassadors will have access to exclusive training, resources, and support from our team of experts, as well as the opportunity to earn rewards for their contribution to the growth and development of the StellaSwap community.

How to get involved:

Masterclasses to Drive DeFi growth of StellaSwap

The Masterclass program will be led by our French Lead Ambassador and will provide attendees education and training of StellaSwap in the French-language, attendees will leave as informed and competent DeFi application users!

There are two timing options available to joint the Masterclass:

  1. ⭐️ Wed 22nd Feb @ 9pm, Paris Time OR
  2. ⭐️ Sat 25th Feb @ 6pm, Paris Time

To participate in a Masterclass please fill:

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