StellaSwap Launching Correlated-Asset AMM for Low-Slippage Stablecoin Trading with Minimal Fees

Timeline of Correlated-Asset AMM Launch

  • Phase 1 (Early Next Week): Launch of ETH risk-free farm of Multichain and Nomad’s Ethereum> anyETH:madETH
  • Phase 2 (Within 3 Weeks): Launch of 4pool basepool of leading stablecoins that will be incentivized by major protocols
  • Phase 3 (Within 1.5 months): Subsequent metapools of Polkadot assets and other L1 assets

Why Launch A Correlated-Asset AMM?

Issue #1: Liquidity Fragmentation From Multiple Variations of the Same Token

Various types of USDCs & USDTs

Issue #2: Higher Trading Cost

You lose $11 swapping $1,000 across $1-Stablecoins, which is sorta crazy!
Exchange rate is 1.0009, which means craaaaaazy low slippage!

Issue #3: Unproductive Farms Leading to Wasteful Emissions

What Can be Expected

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