StellaSwap Partners Quickswap for Joint Audit on Code4rena, Covering Shared CL-AMM Codebase

3 min readSep 27, 2022


We’re excited to share that StellaSwap and Quickswap is working together for a joint audit on the shared codebase of our upcoming concentrated liquidity AMM launches! 🔥

The partnership of the two leading DEXes from Polygon and Moonbeam marks a huge milestone towards collaborative security and an evolution towards concentrated liquidity. This is made possible as StellaSwap and Quickswap utilizes Algebra’s concentrated liquidity AMM codebase, which utilizes a dynamic fee model as compared to Uniswap’s V3.

StellaSwap will be launching Pulsar, the first concentrated liquidity AMM on Moonbeam and Polkadot within the next few months.

Code4rena: Utilizing Wisdom from the Crowd

Code4rena is an open and decentralized platform designed to create a community-driven approach to competitive smart contract audits. It offers an on-demand audit contest in which community participants — referred to as wardens — review, audit or analyze smart contract logic in exchange for a bounty provided by sponsoring projects, enabling the clients to get their projects audited for vulnerabilities and offer auditors a guaranteed payout.

The exponential success of Code4rena has led to it being used by a flurry of top DeFi protocols in the space, including, Opensea, AAVE, ENS, Sushi, Alchemix, Frax finance and Axelar network.

While traditional security audits are confined to a team of internal auditors, having a way for people from different backgrounds and thought processes to come and look at the smart contracts holistically would provide greater depths towards securing the codebase.

Joint Audit by StellaSwap & Quickswap

Security is a top priority for both StellaSwap and Quickswap, which is why both teams agreed to a joint audit on Code4arena. This audit on Algebra’s codebase is in addition to two prior full audits made by ABDK (Uniswap auditors) and Hexen.

In our commitment to safety, we call on all developers and hackers to become wardens of the Algebra code and win their share of the $5k,000 USDC prize pool.

The contest is set to discover threats and vulnerabilities across the following core areas:

  • Theft or lock of funds: Is it possible to withdraw tokens or get more than the expected output? Can events occur that make it impossible to withdraw tokens from the pool?
  • Built-in oracle manipulation: Is it possible to provoke incorrect values in the DataStorageOperator.sol?
  • Calculation correctness: Can there be errors or inaccurate calculations? Could there be overflows or unexpected divisions by zero?
  • Unexpected behavior in general: Can the pool be in an invalid state?

The code repositories that will be covered include;

The contest has already begun and will end on October 01, 2022 20:00UTC. Learn more, and get involved.

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