StellaSwap Partners with SubWallet for Full-Suite Wallet Integration

3 min readJul 20, 2022


We’re excited to partner with SubWallet, a leading project pioneering user-friendly Web3 Multiverse Gateway for the Polkadot and Kusama (Dotsama) ecosystems. SubWallet is one of the leading Web 3.0 wallets that is native to Polkadot and supports EVM compatibility. SubWallet joins the latest list of wallet providers on StellaSwap in our bid to support a plethora of Web 3.0 wallets.

We’ve been looking forward to the integration with StellaSwap for a while now and I’m so glad to see it live so quickly. Kudos to the StellaSwap team! This partnership will strengthen both sides, deepening our support for not only Moonbeam Network but the whole Dotsama ecosystem as well. Users can now use SubWallet to navigate StellaSwap DApp without needing any other EVM wallets.” — Hieu Dao, Co-founder of SubWallet.

A unique value proposition of SubWallet is that it is a full-suite wallet solution, allowing users to interact with Polkadot-native applications seamlessly as well as leverage on the ease of EVM-compatibility across EVM-parachains such as Moonbeam network.

Simplicity in a Web 3.0 Wallet

One of the key friction of traversing through the Dotsama ecosystem is the unfriendliness of substrate-based wallets, such as Polkadot {.js} wallet. Some common issues include;

  • Complex UI/UX
  • Multiple signings while managing accounts with Polkadot {.js} App

SubWallet streamlines the user experience by focusingon simplifying the user journey.

Main Features of SubWallet

SubWallet is an integrated wallet with various features and usecases that makes life easy for you to navigate across the DeFi space;

  • Built-In validator/collator staking
  • Monitor the balance of your Multi-chain assets on the extension window
  • Send and Receive Assets with a few simple taps
  • Grant access and verify transactions to Web3
  • Easily manage and transfer NFT assets
  • Quick and easy manage your portfolio
  • XCM Transfer Functionality

About SubWallet

SubWallet is a pioneering user-friendly Web3 Multiverse Gateway for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. With the mission of bringing crypto users closer to the Dotsama ecosystem and opening the Web3 universe, SubWallet focuses on building a product that provides the simplest and most secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications like Dotsama ecosystem DeFi and GameFi.

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About StellaSwap

StellaSwap is the first and leading Moonbeam DEX that offers an integrated gateway to the DeFi world. Users can swap, earn, yield farm, bridge assets, explore new projects and engage in NFT trading all from a single unified platform. StellaSwap’s products are structured in such a way that facilitates decentralized governance of STELLA holders, while continuing to innovate on the collective foundations by design.

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