StellaSwap’s Concentrated Liquidity AMM, Pulsar, Goes Live for Beta on 3 Jan 2023

3 min readDec 30, 2022


The dawn of the new era of efficient trading and liquidity provision is finally here! 🎆 After months of development and iteration, we’re excited to launch Pulsar, the first concentrated liquidity AMM on Polkadot and Moonbeam.

We will start with a closed beta for whitelisted users on the third day of the new year: 3rd Jan 2023.

Overview of Pulsar: Concentrated Liquidity AMM

Pulsar represents a ground-breaking enhancement to StellaSwap’s current hybrid DEX, utilizing the power of concentrated liquidity to provide an ultra-efficient way of trading and liquidity provisioning. With Pulsar, users will access optimal asset prices, low-slippage and greater yield optimization for LP stakers!

To learn more about Pulsar, do have a look at our documentation.

Starting with Beta Launch

We will start the launch of Pulsar with a closed beta program that will run for approximately 2 weeks. After that period, we will open Pulsar to the public. The closed beta will be consist of 165 participants that previously signed up for our beta whitelist.

The beta will be divided into two batches, in order for greater effectiveness of the bug-reporting and platform-iteration process;

  • Batch 1 (3rd — 10th Jan): Will be open to 54 whitelisted users that have previously used StellaSwap since the start.
  • Batch 2 (10th— 17th Jan): The rest of the 111 whitelisted user will be able to join in the beta.

All whitelisted users will receive an email to join an exclusive Discord channel that will allow them to report bugs throughout the beta in the next 72 hours. Beta testers will receive;

⭐️ An all-in-one information guide for Pulsar (Overview and How-to guides)
⭐️ Invitation to Pulsar-Beta group exclusively for beta testers
⭐️ Assigned custom-tailored role in Discord (that will be managed through
⭐️ Special NFT issued by Galxe
⭐️ Reward emissions for staking liquidity on Pulsar

Details of the First Farm on Pulsar

We’re proud to announce that the first farm on Pulsar will be aUSD — GLMR.

Here’s the details of the farm;

⭐️ Farm: aUSD — GLMR
⭐️ Transfer Mechanism for aUSD: XCM Transfer (Guide to XCM)
⭐️ Reward Tokens: aUSD + STELLA
⭐️ Launch Date: 3 Jan, 2023| 15:00 UTC

Nearing to the public launch date, we will provide more information on the emissions structure of Pulsar farms, upcoming list of farms to be launched on Pulsar, as well as a comprehensive array of guides for the public to interact with Pulsar.

During the beta period, all efforts will be made to further optimize Pulsar for public mainnet launch. During this period, we will communicate the progress and potential breakthroughs from concentrated liquidity.

Stay tuned 🙌

About StellaSwap

StellaSwap is a hybrid DEX that features a standard, stable and concentrated liquidity AMM to facilitate the most optimal price discovery for assets on Moonbeam. As the largest DEX and an integrated DeFi gateway, users can access the ecosystem with ease through our native bridge, swap-for-gas feature, as well as various DeFi opportunities in a click of a button.

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