Terra-Moonbeam Bridge: How to Bridge UST from Terra to Moonbeam

3 min readMar 4, 2022


Here’s the process of bridging UST/LUNA from Terra to Moonbeam network.

StellaSwap is the first DEX to support bridging from Terra to Moonbeam, supporting $UST and $LUNA as the first two tokens. Users that want to bridge $UST and $LUNA from Terra blockchain to Moonbeam network can use Axelar’s bridge.

If you’re looking to bridge over $UST and $LUNA from Terra network to Moonbeam, here is the exact process:

Step 1: Posses LUNA Tokens

Ensure that you have $UST/$LUNA in your Terra wallet to cover gas fees, since you’ll need to transfer your Luna from Terra network. Here’s where you can get LUNA.

Step 2: Open Bridge Page

Navigate to StellaSwap Bridge and click on Bridge from Terra or directly visit https://satellite.axelar.network/.

Step 3: Select LUNA to send from Terra to Moonbeam

Set Source Chain to Terra and Destination Chain to Moonbeam. Then select one of the two available assets either $UST or $LUNA.

Step 4: Enter Destination Address

Enter your Moonbeam wallet address. Or click on Autofill destination address (recommended).

Connect with Metamask will appear, click Nexton the first message and Connecton the second message.

Step 5: Connect Wallet & Transfer

With your Moonbeam address entered manually or autofilled and after double checking. Click on Connect Wallet & Transfer.

Step 6: Sign Metamask Message

A confirmation message from your wallet is needed. Click Signon Metamask to proceed.

Step 7: Send Terra Assets

Transfer process will begin, the bridge will generate a one-time deposit address to send Terra assets to or you can connect Terra wallet to fill in automatically (recommended) by clicking on Connect Keplr.

Step 8: Enter Amount and Deposit

Enter deposit amount or click on Max, and click on Deposit via IBC transfer.

Step 9: Approve Message on (Keplr)

Click Approveon Terra wallet Keplr to confirm transaction.

Step 10: Wait for Transaction to Complete

Check Status of transaction, should take 1~3 minutes to complete.

Step 11: Success!

You have completed the bridge process and should have your Terra assets on Moonbeam.




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