Understanding Trust-Minimized Bridges for a Secure Multi-Chain Future | Nomad AMA Recap

Importance of Understanding Bridging Landscape

AMA Recap with Nomad

  • Understand more about the integration
  • Run down the technology behind Nomad bridge
  • How Users can bridge their assets to Moonbeam using Nomad
  • New services to expect for end users from this partnership
  • What new farms that will go live
  • First ever risk free no IL ETH farm to be launched in partnership with Nomad


Q1: Can you tell us more about the philosophy behind the design decisions that led you and your team to conceive Nomad? What problem were you trying to solve? And How is it fundamentally different from the rest of the already existing bridging solutions?

  1. The importance of security
  2. The market need to bridge now

Q2 : The current encumbrance is the way the economy security model has been predicated on an honest majority assumption. Inversely for you “Nomad” you have focused on a single honest verifier instead, can you shed light on this point?

Q3: Let’s now focus on a major aspect of any bridge which is user experience, help us understand the entire user journey and what our users can expect from Nomad’s bridge

Q4: You have partnered with Connext to expedite the bridge transaction, can you tell us a bit more about this partnership and what users can expect?

Q5 Atticus: What are your plans going forward in terms of adding other chains so that we can look forward to adding them on StellaSwap, can you give us a rundown on what to expect?

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