UST Double-Reward Farm on Polkadot is here! Stake into UST Farm and Earn Double Yields on StellaSwap

UST is the Largest Decentralized Stablecoin, Surpassing DAI

UST Double-Reward Farm Details

  • Double-Reward Farm: UST-GLMR
  • Retirement of Existing Single-Reward UST-GLMR Farm: 5 April, 16:00 PM UTC (Farm will be moved to inactive)
  • Double-Reward UST-GLMR New Farm Open for Deposit: 5 April, 16:00 PM UTC
  • Farm Rewards go Live: 6 April, 16:00 PM UTC
  • Reward Tokens: STELLA & GLMR
  • Terra<>Moonbeam Bridge: Axelar’s Bridge (Click here to bridge)
  • Daily Emissions:

Retirement of Single-Reward UST-GLMR Farm, Current Stakers Should Deposit LP into New Double-Reward UST-GLMR Farm

Start Bridging Your UST from Terra Now!

Get Double Farming Rewards by Providing Liquidity

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