StellaSwap’s Journey on Moonbeam: Achievements and What’s Ahead

A Philosophy of Constant Product Innovation and Development

What We’ve Achieved

  1. Fostering Cross-Chain Capital Inflows towards Moonbeam
  2. Expanding Ancillary Product Suites for Greater Ecosystem Stickiness
  3. Driving Value-Accrual for Sustainability

Design Principle #1: Fostering Cross-Chain Capital Inflows towards Moonbeam

  1. Partnership with Bridging Infrastructure Providers - Multichain, Axelar, Nomad and Celer Network: We’ve natively integrated bridges into our platform for easier navigation and more importantly, worked with partners to expand value-transfer channels with Moonbeam. This makes it easy for users to transfer value into Moonbeam. Past successful ILOs include AVAX, MATIC and FTM.
  2. Conceived A Successful Model for Cross-Chain Liquidity Incentivization via Initial Liquidity Offerings (ILOs): In a bid to attract capital inflows, we structured multiple ILOs to attract capital from other L1 blockchains in a targeted and optimized manner.
  3. Incentivizing Project Partner Liquidity: We’ve also helped incentivize the liquidity of projects launching on Moonbeam to increase visibility as well as leveraging on the hype of the project. These include Blockchain Monster Hunt, the first multi-chain NFT collectible game, as well as ApeCoin, the trending native token of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Design Principle #2: Expanding Ancillary Product Suites for Greater Ecosystem Stickiness

  1. Faucet to provide free GLMR gas to first-time users
  2. Vaults for enhanced financial rewards
  3. ZAP to facilitate 1-Click staking for simplicity in yield farming
  4. Swap-for-Gas feature for more enhanced UI/UX for new users, in partnership with Biconomy
  5. Auto-Compounding vaults for automated yield reinvestments, in partnership with Beefy Finance

Design Principle #3: Driving Value-Accrual for Sustainability

  1. Token burning from treasury (TxID)
  2. Scheduled token buyback using ILO funds
  3. Launched xSTELLA, an auto-compounding and composable single-asset staking facility to maximize yields and value-accrual
  4. Launched Tri-Reward Pool for xSTELLA, to incentivize long-term holding of STELLA

Effects of Converging Design Decisions + Development

Why Moonbeam?

What’s Ahead

About Moonbeam Network

About StellaSwap



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